As much as we’ve enjoyed describing the evolution of our plans based on input from clients whose plans bear their names, the plans you see here take a different tack. These plans were created to incorporate popular themes with the need to support open public spaces with privacy for bedrooms and bathrooms and the main bedroom on the main floor.

All plans can still be modified, especially by the addition or subtraction of a lower level. A usual request is for a garage opening to be on a different side to accommodate the driveway while the larger great room windows might be best oriented to capture either the best view or to include south sun, when possible.

Easiest to modify is a bathroom where the desire is for a change of the tub/shower to a 4-foot or even an accessible shower with separate or no tub – maybe two lavatory sinks instead of a long counter with only one, etc.

Plans still feature plumbing along a 2×6 interior wall, on the main floor, and plumbing for the loft and lower levels stacked. Venting for the kitchen stove and toilets are mindful of avoiding a cupola roof and either loft windows or operable skylights.

A loft can be minimal enough to only cover moisture-producing spaces (showers, laundry, etc) with an attic pull-down stairs (Birch) or luxurious enough for a second stairway to a cupola loft (Earth). A loft study can have full-height walls and a door to become a third bedroom. All loft sleeping areas have a fire egress dormer window.