How to Build an Omega Dome

1. Find the land on which you want to build.

We can help! If you already have a piece of land, you are ahead of the game. We’ll need to know a few things, though, in order to help you build.

For example: How big is the lot? Does it slope? Where’s the driveway? What views are you hoping to have? Do you want the largest window to face south? These are all things to consider in the making of your dome kit.

2. Plan your dome.

This is where things start to get fun! Figure out your budget and then let us know, so we can start planning your dome with you. We have many plans and designs to choose from. We can help you find a contractor, a roofer and a lender, if need be.

3. Order your kit and schedule the raising.

Once you have your plan picked, you’re ready to order your kit. As soon as your kit arrives, you’ll be ready to raise it up and finish it however you like.

4. Raise your dome!